Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV)


  • AGVs can handle many types of loads including pallets, racks, trays, rolls, and carts and can interface with many types of equipment including conveyors, racking, and stands in addition to floor "pickups" and "drops".
  • An excellent solution for applications where changes to the facility are expected during the life of the AGV system.
  • Can easily be reconfigured to handle new and/or additional tasks.

Warehouse Storage Solutions
Pallet Racking Heavy Duty Mobile Racking Cantilever Racking Drive-In / Drive-Through Racking
Push Back Racking Carton Flow Racking Live Racking Mezzanine Floor / Multi-tier Racking
AS/RS and Mini Load System Vertical Lift / Carousel Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV)
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