Kompress Mechanical Mobile Storage Compcator System is constructed to withstand heavy duty usage and handling. This system comes with mechanically assisted controls and ergonomically designed handles to slide heavily laden storage bays with complete ease. The unit incorporates an anti-topple system for stability & safety of compactor body.

Product Feature

Anti – Tilt

Central Locking

Safety Lock

Pre-coated / Powder Epoxy Coating

Easy Retrieval & Reference

Space Saving

Customized Design

In case of large requirement

Heavy duty & durable tracks

Cost Effective



Kompress monorail system are used in a small narrow space to convert them into productive spaces. In this system fix cabinets are placed at the rear side. In front of these fix cabinets, rails are laid parallelly and cabinets with base unit glide over these rails. In this system, no of cabinets at front is always one less than at rear. Cabinets at front move left-right & crate space wherever required.

Product Feature

Maximizes storage capacity in minimum space.

Complete case of storage and retrieval.

Easy to operate-due to its advanced technology.

Excellent aesthetics-wide range of colour shades & finishes.

Completely safe-due to inbuilt safety feature.

Maintenance free-due to sturdy construction and design.


KOMPRESS system, in case of installation with large nos. of units, is suggested with electrical arrangements. It allows the unit to move with just push-button control. With such arrangement, it is possible to move many units simultaneously together.

Product Feature

Used for large nos. of units

It allows the unit to move with just push-button control

Latest design

Completely secured storage option.


Kompress Manual Push Pull Mobile Compactor Storage System is an economical and maintenance free solution mainly used in small storage areas. Our manually operated compactors incorporate an easy movement mechanism, heavy duty and ergonomically designed handles which ensure effortless movement of the sliding bays.

Product Feature

Central Locking

Pre-coated/Powder Epoxy Coating

Easy Retrieval & Reference