Manual Push Pull System Compactor
Kompress Manual Push Pull Mobile Compactor Storage System is an economical and maintenance free solution mainly used in small storage areas. Our manually operated compactors incorporate an easy movement mechanism, heavy duty and ergonomically designed handles which ensure effortless movement of the sliding bays.

  • Central Locking
  • Pre-coated/Powder Epoxy Coating
  • Sound Buffer Button
  • Adjustable Shelf (35mm intervals)
  • Easy Retrieval & Reference
Manual Push Pull
System suited for the small area Where the total load on each unit is not exceeding 1200 kgs These systems are economical & easy to operate.
Offices: For storing of Computer Parts, Documents, Files and acts as a record room. Warehouse/Factories: Storage of Costly Components and Material Parts which requires protection from dust, seepage, and contamination. Hospital/Labs: Maintaining Customer Records with easy identification and categorization. Showrooms: Provides Pleasant Look and Feel to the areas. This mobile compactor storage system is mostly used in all industries such as banks & other financial institution, hospital, libraries, factories, private corporates & public sectors, defense, railway, jewelry's shops, automobile sector etc.