Kompress India is Leading manufacturers and suppliers of high-quality and best in class mobile compactor storage systems. In today’s commercial world optimum utilization of the space is a stiff challenge. The mobile compactor storage system is just the perfect solution that provides maximum space utilization to the end-user.

A very cost effective way to maximize your storage capacity

Increase your storage space with mobile compactor storage system and storage solutions from Kompress  India, whether you need home, office or industrial mobile storage systems, we have durable and cost-effective products available for you. We specialize in manufacture of value-for-money mobile compactor storage systems to maximise your space and freeing up more space for uses in offices, warehouses, stock rooms, factories, hospitals, archive and document storage centres etc.with superior quality, affordable mobile compactor storage systems and custom-designed service . We’re confident that whatever your issue, we can provide a solution for you.

we use sophisticated wheel & rail construction in our mobile compactor storage system that helps to increase its durability. Every individual mobile compactor storage system comes up with individual locking system.

This system can free up about 50% of the floor space or increase storage capacity of area by 80-100% in the same space.

Space Optimization.In some cases the compactor is a wise investment as the cost incurred in procuring the same is offset by the money saved in terms of floor space saving. Ease of storage and retrieval Easy to operate with Advanced Technology. Easy identification due to appropriate indexing Single key locking system ensurescomplete security and accountability-. Excellent aesthetics - wide range of color shades and finishes Completely safe – due to inbuilt safety feature. Maintenance free – due to sturdy construction and design. Overall KompressMobile Compactors Are a Value for money.
Offices: For storing of Computer Parts, Documents, Files and acts as a record room. Warehouse/Factories: Storage of Costly Components and Material Parts which requires protection from dust, seepage, and contamination. Hospital/Labs: Maintaining Customer Records with easy identification and categorization. Showrooms: Provides Pleasant Look and Feel to the areas. This mobile compactor storage system is mostly used in all industries such as banks & other financial institution, hospital, libraries, factories, private corporates & public sectors, defense, railway, jewelry's shops, automobile sector etc.
Manual Push Pull System suited for the small area Where the total load on each unit is not exceeding 1200 kgs These systems are economical & easy to operate. Mechanical Used for medium & heavy duty loads It allows one to operate the load up to 3 ton per unit They are versatile & are custom made These systems have Effort-less handling Motorised KOMPRESS system, in case of installation with large nos. of units, is suggested with electrical arrangements. It allows the unit to move with just push button control. With such arrangement, it is possible to move many units simultaneously together.