NPCIL wanted to centralize their oil godown for all the units in one place.
Additional SKUs were required in the existing godown.
Centralizing the warehouse for all the units in a process to cut costs on man and power.
There were special applications to store drums of two different types. One type of drum of metal were to be stored in horizontal fashion and another type of drum of plastic material were to be stored in vertical fashion.
The rack was supposed to be the combination of both the types of drums and also increased the storage at the same time.


Increase the storage capacity to four times as there were four plants and all the SKUs were to be centralized.


KOMPRESS introduced a special type of racking system which had a combination of both vertical storage as well as horizontal storage. To keep the metal pallets in horizontal fashion KOMPRESS put drum stopper on the horizontal beams and to keep the plastic drums in vertical fashion KOMPRESS put mesh grating on the beams. To increase the capacity KOMPRESS introduced Double Deep Racking System so that the number of aisle space can be reduced.


NPCIL was able to achieve its requirement of centralizing the warehouse for all the four units.
The oil godown was in a proper organized manner and was able to keep both the types of drums according to the need.