NPCIL’s continual upward required additional inventory space. Additional SKUs introduced to the other plants required an additional storage area. Centralizing the warehouse for all the units in a process to cut costs on man and power.
There were special size of pallets which were earlier kept unorganized one upon the other.
It was difficult to retrieve a particular pallet if required at any time.


Increase the storage capacity to four times as there were four plants and all the SKUs were to be centralized.


KOMPRESS introduced the PUSH BACK RACKING SYSTEM for storage of special size of pallets which were kept in a row of four and a column of five on each side of the bay. The unit was four pallet deep.
Length of the unit = 3400 mm
Height of the unit = 3750 mm
Width of the unit = 1890 mm
Size of the pallet = 1600 x 500 x 800 mm
Common aisle space = 3200 x 10200 mm
Total capacity of pallets = 160 nos.
Total utilized space was 66% of the capacity


NPCIL was able to achieve its requirement of centralizing the warehouse for all the four units.
The warehouse was in a proper organized manner and was able to retrieve any pallet with Ease