Princeware are into plastic industries where they are manufacturing house ware items. Most of these products were light in weight but occupied more space.
The challenge was to keep such items in a bulk quantity where the storage was to be kept in a vertical position making optimum use of the height. The height of the warehouse was approximately 8 meters.


To provide a system where the pallet size is unconventional having more length and width.
To design a pallet and racking system which can take care of larger product size (bigger pallets) and vertical storage height.


KOMPRESS designed a unique system where the total area of the warehouse was utilized to its full capacity only having an aisle (common for both sides of the warehouse) in the system.
A special pallet was designed in a shape of a box open from the top in which the plastic products can be stored from the top. The size of the pallet was 2.1 mtr x 1.5 mtr.
A rack was designed (Drive-in type) in which all the pallets were to be stored in a batch. The storage and retrieval method was a batch type production. Hence, the pallets were kept one behind the other in a row and were stacked from top position onwards. Since the retrieval was of batch type the only method of retrieval was LIFO type.


The capacity was increased to four times and the storage and retrieval was also made easy.
It was now easy to identify the batch and retrieve and store the materials batch wise.