Rittal are manufacturers of industrial enclosures, electronic packaging, etc. Rittal was having a special metallic pallet of size 2.1 mtr. X 1.2 mtr. having a load capacity of 800 kg/pallet. These pallets were used to keep the unfinished goods (metallic panels) in their factory which were used during production and had to be moved to multiple locations for different jobs and assembly lines. Being a bulky product it was difficult to stack the things in a conventional racking system. Rittal was finding it difficult to store the pallets and were desperately looking for some solution.


It was difficult at first instance to store such type of system by any conventional method.
To design something special was a costly affair and also time consuming. After going through 2-3 meetings we understood their requirement and suggested cantilever racking system with different sizes of bracing to accommodate the pallets.


KOMPRESS designed a cantilever storage system which were used to keep pallets instead of long items. Normally pipes, aluminium, profiles and other architectural materials are kept in a cantilever racking system but here by doing minor modifications in the size of the bracings we were able to keep the pallets instead of longer items.


Here to use the vertical space we gave a cantilever rack of height six meters having arms of size 1200 mm to accommodate the pallets. The rack was having size storage levels thereby increasing the capacity six times and having an option of random pickup of materials