A godown of floor plate 10,200 sq.ft. with a height of 18 feet was available for storage.
The brief was to store maximum possible records in a floor plate of 4500 sq.ft. marked for storage


To utilize the complete height available.
To make use of natural light available.
To provide clear and safe access and exits to the systems.
To provide independently lockable systems for various department.


A detailed site study was conducted aided by a structural engineering.
The existing pillars were used on which the beams for creating the mezzanine floor were anchored.
The compactors were installed below and above the mezzanine floor. A central cut out area was left in the centre of the room and around the compactors for easy movement of multiple users and create a sense of openness.


The compactor system created can store about 90,000 box files in an area of 4500 sq.ft. against 30,000 box file storage that would have being stored in a conventional area.
The layout offers 31 blocks of compactors that can be locked and operated individually and securely.
Optimum utilization of natural light and volume of space